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Why non-verbal communication matters

As soon as we see another person, an impression is formed … and it happens in just a small fraction of a second: what we see can sometimes even overshadow what we know.

Your presence – and the way you look, carry yourself and react – can tell another person whether you are trustworthy, credible and someone others will listen to and respect, or whether you are someone to avoid. Specific traits or characteristics, including dress, grooming and body language, serve as cues or signs as part of this silent language.

This is important when representing the company at a conference or event

  • As a presenter (or speaker, panelist or moderator)
  • When interacting with existing customers, members or supporters
  • When networking to attract new business partnerships or members
  • When hosting a conference or event that requires all staff to be aligned and
  • During interviews and for positive exposure in media (conducting interviews, promo 
    pieces or presence in the background)
“Non-verbal communication between people is communication through sending and receiving wordless clues.”  

Investing time and money in creating your company includes investing in your personnel to enhance their communication skills in order to complement your brand. 

We provide individual and group workshops and consultations crafted for your specific needs. 

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