Taking The Time To Care

We all know how valuable time is for each of us, and how there is never enough of it in a day. This is why when we contribute our time in doing community service; it matters to both the organization and the individual giving back.

Community service doesn’t just help the cause you are supporting, but it helps you feel as if you are doing more beyond yourself – and makes you feel good.

There are many ways to contribute, but participating and physically joining others in a charitable project, or as a united voice, helps bring us together differently. It can allow for us to feel a special connection with that particular cause and is a visible way to promote and support a specific charity, meet other community-oriented friends, help those specifically in need and be a part of making a difference.

This month we are happy to have been a part of volunteering and lobbying at the 2017 Maryland Voices for Animals Day, hosted by the ASPCA, and meeting with the state Senator and delegates to lobby for animal protection laws.  This issue matters to us, but there are so many other organizations and ways to get involved to support your platform of interest.

Keep in mind:  Planning a community service activity or event does not need to be elaborate or large to be effective.  It can involve a handful of people to hundreds – either way – identifying the cause and purpose, coordinating the logistics in what is needed, getting the message out and arranging volunteers to help accomplish the goal will be the same.

Giving back – even in the smallest form - has a positive outcome for you and your community.