Spring Into Something New

U.S. Navy Blue Angels flying over the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD

Awe, spring.  It can make us feel awaken for new things with all the sunshine and new blooms.  It can also be a time for companies and organizations to awaken new ways of hosting their team-builders, workshops or upcoming company picnics for a morale or learning boost.

Changing up the scenery or piggy-backing onto an event already scheduled can be great ways to inspire new learning environments or connect your team – with eliminating some extra work for you.

This is the time of year that more outdoor festivals, events or gatherings are occurring, so you can take advantage of that without paying the ‘full cost’ of hosting at a separate venue or scheduling entertainment.

For instance - each May during graduation at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD the Blue Angels fly over the surrounding area putting on a speculator show.  The campus is open to the public (permitted you have a driver’s license to enter the grounds) and local restaurants and businesses have space available for Blue Angels viewing parties.  This is a great opportunity to host a team outing to change the scenery while having the entertainment arranged for you. 

Perhaps you prefer to have your own private event that still mixes it up and is uplifting for your team.   Then to follow along the idea of the international Diner en Blanc pop-up dinner event – you could alter it to be more colorful versus white and chic to invite your team to wear their brightest colors and to each bring a decorated colorful chair for a picnic-style team mixer.  

Hosting outdoor workshops can also be a refreshing change for learning.  Learning in a park, local high school or college stadium field, reserve a cruise or charter yacht or have a beach waterfront view as your backdrop; all can be new and unique options.  It keeps individuals surprised while breathing in fresh air to help promote healthier moods and open-minds to take in new material presented.  Just be prepared for a back-up location near-by if the weather is not as accommodating.

No matter what you prefer, spicing up where or what you do for your mixer or workshops can have a positive outcome for your business and your team.