If only I could rent that!

For those in the meeting and special event industry, we all have been there – thinking, “If only”.  Whether it is an amazing venue not open to the public, a specific type of service or a décor prop to give your event an edge; most always have a ‘wish item’ that they dream they could rent to stand-out or just make planning easier. 

There are a few items on my list, such as  - Imagine the opportunity (and waiting list!) if the public could actually schedule small event bookings in the White House West or East Wing, or if there were more budget-friendly venue rental fees at some of the DC Embassy properties.   Most would not miss the opportunity to have the experience of dining, dancing or networking inside the White House.

Recently and over the years, I have heard other industry colleagues share their ‘wish list item’ during the madness of their event or post-event in reflection of what they wished they had available. 

Foot Pause

I recall one wishing for a dedicated event reflexologist (a foot masseuse) to be on-site specifically for just the event team to help relieve stress and foot pain from running back and forth to conference rooms and the expo floor. And, of course this would be covered within the event as an operations expense.

Tactful Cues

A colleague bluntly answered when asked what she wished for - “a contracted emcee to remove a long-winded and monotone speaker who doesn’t understand cues; even when you hold signs, slowly lower the mic volume (as they continue talking!), flash a light, ring a chime and finally cough loudly without skipping a beat.” Oh, and apparently this speaker was aware they only had 15 minutes slotted – even though they were still speaking 30 minutes and no one in their staff was comfortable to tell them they needed to wrap up.   Think we all have been there before. 

Built for You

Another ‘wish list item’ was shared recently that they desired a custom-craft company that could built them reasonable, manageable and sustainably conscious décor and props for small-business events that they then owned and could go back to that company to repurpose the material for future décor needs to help save costs and the environment. 

There are still so many more ideas, needs and desired services to mention. Sometimes it is good to just take a moment, recap and remember what you need and see who may be offering that service to help you and your team for the next time.

Are any of these 'wish list items' the same as yours? Please don’t forget to keep us posted if any of you find these items or available venues.