Entertained, Bewildered, Annoyed

If you have a Q & A segment at your event, then this cartoon captures beautifully that moment we know happens almost every time. 

We want to be interactive and engage the crowd, but sometimes there are those who just want others to know they are there. 

Often our team has met to discuss new strategies or ideas in how to infiltrate the microphone from those who seek it out to just make a comment that never ends, or doesn’t know how to get to the point. 

Sometimes you know who that attendee may be, and sometimes you are taken by surprise. 

Either way, you have a mix of emotions from the audience and panel or speaker.   And, it is hard to avoid them (even with mic runners, planted attendees to sit near them to block and get the mic first, slowly lowering mic volume and even with strong presenters asking for them to get to the point, etc.!) without looking unprofessional or disrespectful in front of other attendees – it is always a conversation that we address.   

And yes, the announcement to write down their question, get to the point quickly to respect others who have questions, limited time to keep it flowing, prep and empower presenters to speak up, using lights and technology resources as a cue all have been done; but still it happens. 

Leading to what makes this cartoon even funnier.